Thomas Fahy (Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) is a novelist, nonfiction writer, and professor of literature and creative writing. His young adult horror novels, Sleepless and The Unspoken, both received American Library Awards. His edited collection, The Philosophy of Horror, which the New York Journal of Books called “an intelligently written, perceptive, engrossing work,” has earned high praise in journals, newspapers, and magazines across the country. Dr. Fahy has also penned several nonfiction books including Dining with Madmen: Fat, Food, and the Environment in 1980s Horror, Staging Modern American Life: Popular Culture in the Experimental Theatre of Milly, Cummings, and Dos Passos, and monographs on Truman Capote and Tracy Letts. His essays on popular culture cover a wide range of topics from freak shows and FSA photography to Paris Hilton and the television series Stranger Things.

Dr. Fahy’s works have been translated into numerous languages, and he has been interviewed by Salon and other publications, as well as radio hosts in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and Malaysia. He was a recent guest on the BBC radio program “Literary Pursuits,” and he has also appeared in several episodes of the Spanish television series Creadores Prodigiosos, which examines American television auteurs such as Alan Ball, Aaron Sorkin, and David Chase.

Some of his creative writing courses include the Art of the Short Story, Writing Young Adult Novels, and Experimental Fiction. In 2020, he launched LIU’s national undergraduate fiction journal Loomings, and he serves as its faculty advisor and managing editor. When he is not teaching and writing, Dr. Fahy performs regularly as a classical pianist and has appeared in recent concerts at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Merkin Concert Hall, and other venues in New York City. You can visit him at and Facebook.